VK Singh fumes, seeks strict action against those involved in ‘planting’ stories of ‘Army coup’ in media

New Delhi: Just days after the news exploded that the United Progress Alliance-II government in 2011-12 had ‘planted’ stories of an ‘Army coup’ in the media, and a day after the Bharatiya Janata Party fumed over the development, General (retired) VK Singh, who was the Indian Army chief back then, lashed out at the Congress-led previous government and accused it of treason.

Taking to social media platform Facebook, Singh, who is a minister in the National Democratic Alliance government, said that those behind the entire act were “willing to openly destroy the institution of the army to achieve personal objectives”.

“By splashing it across banner headlines, this was nothing short of treason, for the gentleman (who had put out the story) was willing to openly destroy the institution of the army to achieve personal objectives. With those in power backing him then, virtually all institutional platforms of redress were not available to me, even though I was the serving Chief of the Army,” Singh said.

Calling for strict action against those responsible for this, Singh further said, “Though six years have passed, there should be a detailed enquiry and the guilty (should be) brought to book. The age-old saying that truth must always prevail is timeless. It’s a shame so many people who played games and falsified news, are even today not accountable.”

The BJP on Wednesday accused the Congress-ruled United Progressive Alliance-II government of ‘planting’ information of a ‘fake’ Army coup to the media and sought the identity of the minister in the UPA government who had ‘planted’ the information. BJP leader GVL Narasimha Rao, in an address to the media, also sought clarification from the Congress if the Pakistan Army’s intelligence unit, the ISI, had aided in this process.

The UPA government come under attack from the NDA government at the Centre after a newspaper report on Saturday claimed that the UPA had tried to malign the Indian Army and that a coup was being plotted by the Army and then-General VK Singh against the UPA-2 government.


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