Mumbai witnesses further dip in temperature

Mumbai’s maximum temperature on Thursday dropped further, compared to last two days. But the minimum temperature continued to be between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. Senior IMD official said the temperature will reduce further for the next two to three days.

The maximum recorded by IMD Colaba and Santacruz on Thursday dropped to below 30 degrees Celsius. “The drop in maximum temperature was due to coastal winds turning northerly to north-westerly,” said an IMD official. The maximum recorded at Colaba was 29.2 degrees and at Santacruz, 28.8 degrees Celsius.

The minimum recorded at Colaba and Santacruz was 20.5 degrees and 17.6 degrees Celsius respectively. At Colaba, the minimum was 1.7 degrees above normal, and at Santacruz, it was 2.5 degrees above normal. Doctors said there was a visible spurt in cases of people with prolonged dry cough, throat irritation, allergic bronchitis, rhinitis and asthma. “This season we witnessed a near 50% increase in hospitalisation of people with lung ailments,” said a city doctor.


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