Government employees’ outright blackmail tactics pre-elections

The general public of not only the state but also the country absolutely detests the constant increment and pension demands of government employees. Most of us believe that these government servants just while away their time doing nothing and tangling the common people in a net of red-tapism whenever we have some task for them. First the implementation of 7CPC and now the old Pension scheme, their demands seem to have no bounds. In a recent update, the state’s government employees have announced that the party which fulfills their demand of implementing the old Pension scheme will get their votes. Governments rise and fall in power, even due to a minor error, but these government employees have an immunity, irrespective of their slacking and incompetence. Despite of doing nothing productive, they have the audacity to try and blackmail the government right before elections. But regardless of what they do, this time the people will not let them succeed in their pursuit to suck the state treasury dry and hack down these outright blackmailing tactics from the root.

(Description: The state’s government employees have begun demanding the implementation of the old Pension scheme and are adopting outright blackmail tactics by saying their votes will go to the party which fulfills their demands.)


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